Deer Fences


Lakeshore Riders have faced a unique challenge in the past three years regarding our trail system.  Our trails pass through a large number of apple orchards, in which the farmers have been very generous to allow us to pass through on their land.  In recent years they have incurred major damage from deer when they eat the young trees.  This has forced them to fencing in their orchards to keep deer out.  The challenge is in many cases it blocks us from having snowmobile access.

Rerouting around the farms has been a challenge.  Last year a board member came up with an idea as a possible solution to maintain access to farm land and keep deer out.  The first “Deer Flap Gate” idea was built this past summer at a farm thanks to the cooperation of a farmer to let us try it out.  So far there has been no deer passing through it.

Please see the pictures below to make yourself and others aware of these as you come across it this season.  If completely successful you will see more in coming years.  Please approach them slowly and drive slowly through them.  The trail is well marked with warnings as you approach.  Please DO NOT pull on the flaps, just move them aside. If they are vandalized the trail will be in danger of being permanently closed.

Please respect land owners and these Deer Flap Gates because without them we face the chance of no work around and the trail being closed or riding the roads for miles.

Thank you for your cooperation to help keep our trails open. Plead ride safely and respectfully!